Monday, June 6, 2011

Hoppy Frog Birthday Cake for Caleb!

This weekend was interesting… This cake was for a customer who was celebrating her son’s first birthday. She saw this cake on Cake Central. (Best place to get tips, help, and idea for a cake). The Original Sugar Artist had a great vision on this piece and my customer wanted to share it with friends and family.

 Here is the frog cake requested.

To keep cost down, I used 5 boxes of Cake Mixes instead of doing it from scratch. The entire cake was filled with Strawberry Filling. Used star tip # 17; a 12” Round Pan (2 Chocolate Cake Mixes), a 10” Square Pan for the legs (2 Vanilla Cake Mixes), ½ of Vanilla Cake Mix to make 4 Jumbo Cupcakes (2 extra’s just in case), and the other ½ on a 6” Smash Cake for the Birthday boy which I free hand the frog and alternated the colors.  All covered in Vanilla Butter Cream.  Total of 5 boxes, I had to go up in size do to the count of people attending. Original Cake called for 8” and a 9”. This was fun and a very long project. The worse part of this project was, I did it in 95 ̊̊weather, with NO air conditioning… not fun!
 Love to hear what you guys think…    Happy Baking!