Monday, July 4, 2011

Piñ̃a Colada Cake with Malibu Rum

Hey there!
I have been kept from the kitchen these past few weeks due to my father being very ill; but, I’m back in session. I was able to complete a few little projects here and there so let’s get updated….
Father’s Day ‘11
This year we decided to all reunite and spend some time with my father since things didn’t look so bright for him or for us. Pretty much made it simple…We ordered Lunch!  I was selected to bring in a dessert (happens to me A LOT by the way) and I wanted to make something a little different and with a lot of flavor. I kept thinking.... Tropical but yet had to have Coconut (dad’s favorite).  
GOT IT!  Piñ̃a Colada Cake with Malibu Rum!  YUMMO!!!
This cake was a total delight!  Everyone enjoyed it and got great reviews!
So two thumbs up for me… lol… Check it out….